1-3 DECEMBER 2017

The festival gate & campsites open from 12pm on Friday 1st December 
& close at 4:00pm on Sunday 3rd December
(Gates open at 8am on Saturday)
with music generally running from around
12pm - 3am Friday
10am - 3am
8:00am - 4pm on Sunday


For any further queries please send a mail to



All bars will have debit/credit card and Snapscan facilities as well as some of the larger food sellers, however some of the smaller vendors will only accept cash. We suggest you bring enough dollar to Synergy to at least cover your meals and trader purchases. For those of you that need more Randellas, you will able to draw cash directly from all bars for a nominal service fee.




Hygiene is important so we’re making sure that our facilities are the latest in festival sanitation with clean, modern and regularly serviced festival facilities to keep you in tip top shape. We’ll ensure that there are more than enough toilets and showers to go around, but we ask that you please respect the facilities and staff so that they remain in good order all weekend. ♥ We also urge all festival goers to use water sparingly, please refrain from taking long showers.




Safety first, then teamwork. We’ll be keeping everyone safe and happy with a crew of dedicated paramedics, life guards, security guards and fire fighters all festival long. In the event of an emergency please alert a Synergy Live staff member or security official immediately




Water points will be dotted around the festival site but due to the extreme drought in the Western Cape, we urge all festival goers to use water sparingly. Also please ensure that the taps are tightly sealed after use.




All lost property can be reported, dropped off or collected from the main gate. Please report any theft or suspicious activity to the on-site security officers or the SA Police Services on duty.




Synergy Live is a festival for everyone, that’s why we’re making sure that all our guests are catered for and all our areas are accessible. If you have any special needs, please contact us on before 24 November 2017 so we can make any necessary arrangements for a hassle free Synergy Live experience.




No Under 18’s (ID will be requested), glass bottles, fires, fireworks, domestic animals, independent sound systems, illegal substances, graffiti, bad attitudes or weapons. Participation in the event is entirely at your own risk. The organisers accept no responsibility whatsoever for injury, death, loss or damage of any nature to persons, vehicles or belongings. This applies even in the case of negligence by the organisers. Due care has been taken to make this event safe and secure. Right of Admission Reserved, even with a ticket.



We’ve done our best to make sure that you can get pretty much everything you need at the festival itself, so we recommend packing as light as possible to avoid lugging half your room back and forth between the car, tent and stages. 

We also humbly request that you leave no trace and ensure that everything you bring you dispose of properly or take back home with you. Less is definitely more when it comes to festival packing!

Certain items are a no-go, so please do not pack any of the following:

  • Glass Bottles. Standard festival procedure – they are a dangerous fire and safety hazard and will be confiscated.
  • Excessive alcohol or food. We’re not saying you can’t bring enough to fill your belly over the weekend, but anything over a reasonable amount where we suspect you might be trying to start a little campsite hustle, and we might have something to say. Again, no glass containers please.
  • No illigal substances! Persons suspected of carrying out illegal and/or offensive activities onsite may be searched and face eviction and or arrest.
  • Absolutely NO animals (except registered guide dogs), sound systems, generators, kites, fireworks, fires or burning materials of any kind will be allowed on site.
  • No professional filmmaking equipment except by those who have obtained express permission from Synergy Live beforehand.
  • Persons using fireworks or making fires will be evicted from site.
  • Alcohol / Soft Drink Policy: You are allowed to bring in your own alcohol (for consumption in the camping areas) but only up to a reasonable amount per person. You will be asked to leave excess quantities outside the event and this will be enforced. You will NOT be allowed to re–enter the festival site with alcohol once you’ve come in the first time. You will not be allowed to bring in glass bottles of any kind. Alcohol cannot be brought into the main festival site from the campsite. We have fully licensed bars with alcoholic & soft drinks available at reasonable prices.


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Where do I get my ticket/wristband?

Tickets can only be bought through . All tickets will be exchanged for a wristband at the entrance to the festival. Your wrist band must be left on at all times, as you can be ejected if found not wearing it. In the event that your wristband comes off, please present it along with your ticket stub / e ticket at the ticket office to get a replacement.

Are there any age limits?

Synergy Live is strictly an over 18's event, however there are a few circumstances when younger patrons are permitted. All persons under the age of 18 MUST be accompanied at the festival by a parent, legal guardian or nominated guardian over the age of 30. No more than two teens (age 13-17) are allowed per parent or guardian. Your guardian also needs to sign a waiver document on your behalf before entry will be allowed.

Anyone under 18 trying to enter the festival without adult supervision will not be permitted to enter the festival under any circumstances.

I have a 2 day Saturday / Sunday entry ticket, but I now want to come on Friday?

You can use your Saturday entry ticket to enter the festival on Friday – however you will need to pay the difference between the purchase price of your two day ticket and that of a 3 day full weekend door priced ticket. This can be done at the main ticket office.

Do I have to pay extra to camp at Synergy Live ?

No, general camping is free at Synergy Live and is not charged for.

My friend is now using my ticket, do I need to get the name changed?

Anyone can use your ticket as no names are printed on them.



Where can I get a Site Map?

The 2017 site map will be made available closer to the festival date. It will be downloadable from our website as well as from our Facebook Page.

Where can I find stage times for all the acts?

Stage times will be posted outside of each stage for easy viewing.

Synergy 2017 Vectors brokenup_parachute.jpg


When can I arrive / when do I have to leave?

Friday 1 December : The car parks open at 11am and the campsites and box offices open at 12pm.The festival closes at 4pm on Sunday 3 December. All festival goers need to be off the festival site no later than 6pm.

Friday & Saturday: No entry into the site after 2am on any night. The box office will only reopen the following morning at 9am. Synergy Live does not run a 24 hour door !

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When I arrive, can I set up camp anywhere?

Yes, you can set up camp in any of the general campsites but not in any of the main music arenas or VIP Camping or Artist Camping. VIP & Artist camping areas require a specific coloured armband to gain entry. Please note that Synergy Live's entertainment goes until the early hours of the morning and campsites may be close to loud music, earplugs may be handy. Please note: You are not allowed to camp next to your car. 

Is it possible to reserve a specific space for me in general camping?

No, the only areas that it is possible to reserve a specific camping space at Synergy Live are in the Heartbreak Motel area where you pay a supplier for a pre-pitched structure.

The general camping areas are an open fields where you find a free space to camp when you arrive. These areas have plenty of space and facilities and the majority of people attending the festival stay in general camping.

I bought a Heartbreak Motel Ticket, where do I go?

You access the festival in the same way as anybody else, however once through the ticket gates look out for and follow the ‘Heartbreak Motel' signs so you know where to park for easiest access. Marshalls will also be onsite to direct Heartbreak Glampers to their parking area and campsite. 

My friends are staying in the Heartbreak Motel – can we camp with them?

Unfortunately not. If you do not have a Heartbreak Motel Ticket then you can’t camp in that area.

Can I bring my own alcohol? 

You are allowed to bring in your own alcohol (for personal consumption in the camping areas) but only up to a reasonable amount per person e.g. one case of beer. You will be asked to leave excess quantities outside the event and this will be enforced. You will NOT be allowed to re–enter the festival site with alcohol once you’ve come in the first time. You will not be allowed to bring in glass bottles of any kind. Alcohol cannot be brought into the main site from the campsite. There are fully licensed bars with alcoholic & cold drinks available at affordable prices.

Are flares, fireworks, generators or campfires allowed?

No, we have a no naked flame policy at the festival and in the campsite. Fires, flares, fireworks etc will be extinguished by the onsite Firefighting services, and transgressors will be evicted. Unfortunately no generators are allowed.

Are there showers on site?

Yes there are portable showers available to use for all campers at Synergy Live. Do be prepared for a queue, especially during high volume times as in the mornings and evenings. Shower during the afternoons to avoid unnecessary queuing. 

Are there water points on site?

Yes there are free water points located around the main arenas, and campsites. These are green in colour and will all be marked on the site map. Please use water sparingly.

Can I leave the festival site and then come back in?

Yes you will be allowed to re-enter the festival site as long as you have a valid wristband on. Please note there is no re-entry after midnight on any nights (no exceptions)

Can I bring my dog/cat/Mexican pot bellied pig?

No pets or animals are allowed on site with the exception of registered guide dogs.